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PlayChip is the trusted universal gaming token. Join the world’s largest blockchain-enabled sports and gaming community and discover a new world of gaming.

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Get started with PlayChip, the secure and trusted ERC-20 universal gaming token.

Visit PlayLobby to top up your PlayWallet and start gaming.

Experience PlayChip-powered games 24/7 through PlayLobby.

Transfer out any time to partner exchanges or any ERC-20 wallet.

Built for the global gaming industry

Our mission is to create the world’s largest incentivised, blockchain-enabled sports and gaming community.


PlayChip delivers users speed, security and control over their funds with a simple and intuitive user experience. It’s easy for non-crypto users to understand and opens up a new world of gaming.


Partners utilising PlayChip have access to our global blockchain-enabled sports and gaming community. We deliver the benefits of community with transparency and lower costs.

We work with

Gaming Operators

Crypto Gamers

Game Developers

Esports Platforms

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The home of gaming on the blockchain. It takes less than two minutes to top up your PlayWallet and get started.


Instant verification

Bigger prize pools

Real time balance

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PlayWallet goes with you

PlayWallet goes with you

PlayWallet is visible in all PlayChip-enabled games, providing a user-friendly interface and real-time balance for gaming and wagering.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PlayChip and what can I do with it?

PlayChip (PLA) is a decentralised ERC-20 utility token serving as the currency in the PlayChip ecosystem. PlayChip can be used to play and experience a range of exciting games through PlayLobby.

How do I buy PlayChips?

You can purchase PlayChip directly from PlayLobby or from our partner exchanges HitBTC and Bittrex.

Are PlayChip tokens instantly transferrable?

Yes! PlayChip is instantly transferrable. Your PlayChip balance is displayed in your PlayLobby account.

How do I withdraw PlayChip?

You can withdraw PlayChip tokens at any time through PlayLobby.

Still have questions?

For all enquiries regarding PlayChip, please go to our support portal.

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